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Alogo_af_right poet, painter, sculptor and potter based in coastal Maine, asha fenn pours her heart and soul into her work. Each brushstroke, every movement of the pen, bears the imprint of her hands.

Her poetry and prose bring to life an imagination filled with wanderlust and intensity.


Enjoy her poetry in print and through download via her online store:

changing_moodsYou can find Asha’s work on


You can read about her journey through her blogs:

the first concerning the struggle and triumphsof an artist;

the second charting a complex, fluctuating map of faith, peace and meditation.


Here are spoken word downloads from her collection of short stories, Pieces of Loneliness.

Another performance of her one woman play The Hardest Convert is available for purchase.

red and white bowlspottery, sculpture, illustration and painting

Ever since asha was old enough to hold crayons in her stubby little fingers, she has been drawing. This expression can range from small, elegant pen and ink illustrations to massive paintings.

In 2000, after some experiments with sculpting, asha decided to try her hand at pottery. For four years, she was the worst potter ever to fall in love with the movement of clay on the wheel.  Eventually, she managed to throw bowls as thin as paper that rang like bells.

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